A museum with unique digital files of art, founded by Solimán López.


The Space

-- the future plan. 18-19
Keep reading if you want to know more about the project future.

After more than ten presentations in places like ARCO Madrid, Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona, MACBA in Buenos Aires or ETOPÍA Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, in this next season, the project go ahead into a new dimension, programming several presentations exploring the idea of Space.

This space is understood as a uncommon place where the museum displays its content, trying to be the first one exploring this unbelievable communication ambients.
Through 4 main events, next year will be a good opportunity to make history, to do what other museums can not, displaying the amazing artworks of a community of artist that is growing day by day with more than 50 participant already collaborating with the idea.

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