A museum with unique digital files of art, founded by Solimán López.

New presentation V.10 at EP7, Paris

New presentation V.10 at EP7, Paris

Next November 6th will take place a new Harddiskmuseum presentation, V.10.

The show will take place in the EP7 in Paris, a building provided with a very original screen for holding digital art and multimedia contents.

This showcase is very special one because we are going to show some news.

First one: We are showing up a new 3D interface made in collaboration with the interaction designer Alberto Roca.

Second one: We are more artists in the community. Now are part of the museum next artists:

David Guez, Caroline Delieutraz, Martina Menegon, Pia Myrvold, Antoine Smith, Dries De Poorter, among others!

See you next November 6th from 19h at EP7, 133 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris.