A museum with unique digital files of art, founded by Solimán López.

NH New Habitat

Collective exhibition for CADAF Digital Art Fair


Building ideas is always a challenge. Making them for a digital environment is even more complex. 

Harddiskmuseum, since its origins, has always played with the concepts of space, the physical, the virtual, the imagined, the intangible, the digital, the analogical..

Life doesn’t stop, everyone does something at some point. Our movements constantly cross time and space. Businesses of commerce, information, health, education, culture… and many other things.

The Harddiskmuseum has not stopped thinking and turning, it is one of the principles of the project. To break the barriers of creative work.

Now it aims to explore the concepts of habitat and space, once again, in a historical context that has come to reinforce the idea of this museum.

A museum where not only art inhabits, but which is full of people, spectators, music, architecture, nature, ordered and disordered. The Harddiskmuseum has its interior and exterior areas, its calm spaces, its zones of reflection. It has messages, private and public, conversations and forums. It is an entity that collects in its space, the contemporary thought.

HDM NH (New Habitat) is a unique event in its nature to analyse the space, which today more than ever, gave us life and welcomed us into its bosom, into its matrix and number.

How and what is the digital living space? Where are the limits available? What is this space made of? What is its materiality? How do we calculate and measure it? There are many answers to this, but new questions keep arising.

This is the etymological principle that organises our proposal for CADAF, as a reflection inscribed within the concepts of the meaning of the word habitat, its belonging and hosting, and the rights to its occupation that continue to be constructed, today in the year of the virus.

To this end, we have proposed artists who are part of the Harddiskmuseum community with solid work that touches on these ideas and concepts in a transversal way. The work already done with space, the digital body and the dreamlike places developed from the synthetic image, are a general tone in this selection that we propose for this new edition of a fair that, specialized in digital art, offers us a new opportunity to imagine the ecosystem of what they now call, new art, but that others, like us, have internalized for a long time.

Curated by Carlos Sánchez.

Original idea: Solimán López.

Coordination: Inti Gallardo.


Claudia Hart, Dylan Cote&Piere Lafanachere, Eugenio Ampudia, Ines Norton, Jonathan Monaghan, Mike Pelletier, Milad Forouzan, Mit Borrás, Sabrina Ratté.