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Jorge Isla

Still Life

Jorge Isla

Since 2015, his artist practice focuses on photography, in particular, observing and analyzing the reality working the differences between the human perceptions against the photographic camera, and how it can represent different realities that people cannot sense with their own eyes. Actually, his works is a meeting point between multimedia, installations and photography.

Artworks detail

Title – Still Life

File format – JPG

Year – 2019

Artwork description – 
Still Life is defined through a set of recovered broken screens of mobile phones as a reflection of the modes of production and consumption of contemporary society, where, with its accumulation and linear disposition represents a recontextualization of a consumer article when it has already fulfilled its mission and it is obsolete, useless and far from a production system, establishing a new meaning based on a narrative based on the imposing physicality of a set of broken mobile screens in front of a dematerialized society and the oppression of the digital environment and capitalism on the human being, in addition to the almost absolute and vital dependence on the daily experience of our own community.

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 www.jorgeisla.com / @jorgeisla.jpg 


Jorge Isla




Still Life






March 17, 2020