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Juan Miceli

Mi tierra invencible

Juan Miceli

Name, Juan Miceli. I was born in 1971. I live in Buenos Aires. I am an audiovisual artist in multiple ways: sculpture, spoken word, live action, video and installation are the cords I play and I mix. I exhibited individually at spaces such as Alpha Centauri, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Argentino (MACA Junin), 704 Oficina de Arte,  Fundación Lebensohn, Expressiones Cultural Center (New London, USA), ThisIsNotAGallery Fundación Itaú Cultural, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, among others. I exhibited my work in collective and/or group exhibitions in places such as CCEBA, C.C. Victoria Ocampo, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, ECuNHi, C.C. Recoleta Areatec, among others. 

Aside from the data, my intention of mixing media (clay, generative video, X RAY, drawing on wood, video videoinstallation  and live action) is also related to the notion that we are multiple. I do not consider the art piece as something separated from my body and I experiment my experimenting with different  disciplines and is my own way of saying there are no disciplines. I am quite  certain that my work as an artist is more related to amplify the circle of questions than to find the “correct” answers. 

What set me in motion mostly is the desire of exploring front lines and boundaries and the urge to cross them. I firmly believe that is what compels me to a systematic subversion of myself, a viral kind of doing, an heroic searching that howls my mud mask is my true face.


Data artwork, “Mi tierra invencible”.

I have been in a comma for three weeks in march, 2013. The fact is that I came back and the most difficult ability to recover was swallowing. To check if I improved getting that reflex back, the doctors made me go through this exam called Video Fluoroscopic Swallowing Exam (VFSE). When I first saw that material I decided to learn how to edit. Swallowing again became my goal and obsession, my blue stone, but also my way to get to bioart and generative video and also made me start thinking about the body as exhibition space. From the very inside I can say I Ive founded my invincible land, but you know, nothing last forever.


Juan Miceli




Mi tierra invencible. Medical documentation video.






October 10, 2017