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Tiz Creel


Tiz Creel


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Tiz Creel




I come from the megalopolis of Mexico City. On 2016 I was selected for a residency programme at the School of Visual Arts in New York. While in Mexico, I had numerous exhibitions in different venues such as Tamayo Museum (Mexico City), Museum of Sacred Arts (Queretaro), the Museum of Non-Conformist Art (St. Petersburg), including my first solo show at the Regional Museum of Cholula (Puebla).

I moved to London to accomplish an MFA in Fine Art at the University of Goldsmiths in London. While in London, I have been commissioned to do work for the Deptford X Arts Festival, TimeOut, ArtNight and Tequila Patron. I was invited by Galerija Močvara (Zagreb) to run an art Live-action Roleplay for the Play-co Summit, “The Smoke 2019” (London) and “Enter the playground: Knudepunkt 2019” (Vejen). Since I moved to London, I have collaborated with numerous artist and communities to deliver work presented in Chalton Gallery, Menier Gallery, Enclave, No Format Gallery, the Mill Co Project, and Camden Peoples Theatre.

“Play” has been a recurrent drive for my practice due to its amplification forms and applications. In a nutshell, it can obliterate and conceive all at once. Because the limits of imagination can only constrain play, It captures the kind of experiences that cannot be repeated. It is contingent not only to the individual experience but relations with others. My work is full of intersections between human dynamics, the invisible structures that surround our lives and fictional spaces.

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The “gallery that does not exist” is a virtual cultural space that I created to be able to show artwork after the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. The first exhibition, “Nevermind Today” is a series of digital works created randomly and therapeutically while being confined at home. Perhaps as a representation of open-ended absurdity or a mere act of creation without partialities. Because the reality is relative, I use fiction to see invisible things. Art is the highest form of hope and darkness alike, and it can reveal the most intimate aspects of ourselves. The virtual exhibition consists of 5 different interactive and immersive works.

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May 14, 2020