A museum with unique digital files of art, founded by Solimán López.


Collective exhibition X REFRACTION FESTIVAL


The Harddiskmuseum will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2020, 5 years since its foundation by Solimán López in 2015.

Today, digital production and its associated tools are a source of inspiration unthinkable a few years ago. 

After the titanic effort that the contemporary art industry has had trouble assuming that the machine is part of the creative process and that a work of art can be assisted by electronics, code and digital processes, today we can say without a doubt that digital tools are indispensable to talk about our time. 

The year 2020, in addition to the social revolution brought about by the COVID-19, the launch into space of the first private vehicle, the racial revolts in the USA, is undoubtedly the year in which our power to analyse reality is increasingly collectivised. 

ToolKit invites the participating artists, members of the Harddiskmuseum, to reflect on the novelties of our time, selecting images alluding to it and speaking from the visual, of the real problems that touch us today more than ever. 

In collaboration between HDM and the digital content creation app Generate APP and the Refraction Festival promoted by the same team of the application, we invite 5 artists to generate 3 images and a video using the mentioned application. 

The result of the exhibition is shown in toolkit.harddiskmuseum.com through an interactive 3D interface where your distributed contents will appear, properly labeled and described.

Curated by Harddiskmuseum

Original idea: Solimán López.

Coordination: Inti Gallardo.


Emilie Gervais • Domenico Barra • Haydiroket • Sandra Araújo • Snow Yunxue Fu

Exhibiton concept:

The meaning of the word “tool” has been reinvented since the appearance of the so-called “homo habilis”. That ancestral human who began to use his nearby resources, such as sílex, stones of another typology and even his own bones, as instruments to improve his environment, create art and defend himself.

Today, these objects are still part of our immediate environment. We believe that they are more complex than those of ancient times, but there is no doubt that in a few years they will be inert stones.

Analyzing the productive possibilities of these multitasking instruments, appears an interesting and complex creative experiment in the aims of extracting the capacities of the software and the hardware with a purpose; To create art.

Is it possible to achieve this goal? Is it an identifiable challenge? Have we overcome the introduction of the technological object in contemporary creation? 

The mobile device, the cell phone, the phone, the smart phone… is a great protagonist of our day to day. Camera, spreadsheet, bank, mailbox, messenger, cook and brush, this all-in-one object allows the re-reading of our world and does so in an unprecedented way.

This task binder kept in a pocket as already predicted by Silicon Valey visionaries such as Steve Jobs, or image visionaries such as Vigas Luna is today more than an object. It is in itself an artwork, a record, a memory, an icon, an identity and a tool for measurement. It is through it that words like “technometries” or the measurement of the world through technology emerge.

It is today, the object that summarizes our flight forward, our fears and treasures, our sorrows and illusions, our projection into the future and our memories of the past. All in one, an unlimited tool, like the Swiss Army Knife, to make contemporary creation an infinite place.

Solimán López. Harddiskmuseum founder.

*technometries, term created by Solimán López in 2015.