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Collective exhibition of sound art

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We are pleased to inaugurate HD TN20, a project of important relevance for global art in its first phase, where Hardiskmuseum is a platform for “avant-garde” exhibitions, that word that has been used by art for so long and that delves into the idea of that technology and art can open new paths. Especially for peripheral artists who are stream in talent and ideas and lacking in resources and technology are not recognized. Hardiskmuseum is the support of international relevance.
The cyber counterattack —— + Afrocyberdelia and Quilombo.

Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics, coined the term in his book Control and Communication in Animals and Machines, published in 1948.
… was clear that communication was the cement of society, that it ran between men and machines and that,
waiting for a future where bodies and souls could be “telegraphed”, encouragement
the emission and reception of messages of all kinds fighting the secret.
Internet did not exist in its time, much less cell phones.
It was necessary to free communication from the limitations of the human and make it mechanical, and from there also living, as molecular biology says. The idea that everything processes information breaks with the distinction between matter and
spirit and fuses language with life and thought as communication phenomena.
Some philosophical controversies regarding humanism, which have been around for at least half a century and are already taking the smell of mothballs, point to this question without fully knowing the power of cybernetics in Art.
In this Exhibition, in the first instance, it is to recognize Latin American artists who work in telegraphing bodies and souls, with their sound, with their oscillation of a note that approaches or departs from the musical but that maintains its power in the energetic and sonorous.
Jorge Castro


Eric Barbosa, Fisterini, Syd Ortega, Brian McKern, Angélica Castelló, Cecilia Castro, Inti Pujol, Pablo Reche, Nicolás Margherit.