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Mit Borrás

Elastic Jungle

Mit Borrás

Mit Borrás (Madrid 1982) is a Spanish artist. He received his BFA in Spain and specialization in Art and Cultural Studies in Berlin, Germany. He developed his research on Media Art at the Twente University in Enschede, Holland (2006). In 2010 he moved to Berlín, co-directed Fünf Galerie, collaborate for years as a coordinator of media art festivals and was curator for the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin. He also currently combines his artistic practice with his work as an art critic in Neo2 Magazine.

His work is exhibited internationally in selected exhibitions such as in the Hara Museum, Tokyo (2010), Kreuzberg Pavillon, Germany (2013) and Norway (2016), Fonoteca Nacional, Mexico DF (2010), Dimora Artica, Milan (2018) Palacio Fernandini, Lima (2016), Aleph Projects, Tel Aviv (2017), the Museum of Fine Arts in Chile (2017), Arebyte Gallery, London (2019), Meetfactory Gallery, Prague (2019), Egirlfriend Gallery, Berlin (2018). He continues to lecture within England, Colombia, Peru, Holland, Spain and Germany. His work has been selected and awarded by Transmediale, (2011), United Creators Awards (2009), Loop Barcelona (2010, 2015-17), Art Lima (2016) and The Media Art Biennale in Chile (2017). He currently lives and works in Madrid and Berlin, he is professor of New Media of Contemporary Art and Communication in the Master of Circulo de Bellas Artes Escuela Sur in Madrid and is a member of the international agency of artists and theorists Front Views in Berlin. Mit Borrás is represented by Exgirlfriend Gallery.

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Elastic Jungle





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Mit Borrás (1982, Madrid) Elastic Jungle is about eternal life and the dream of transformation into an infinite machine through digital stimulation and promotes a long, healthy and fulfilled life based on a solid balance between body and mind. Elastic Jungle is dedicated to your physical and emotional well-being, a digital space for relaxation inspired by traditional transcendental meditation and the most advanced techniques. It belonges to the artist body of work ©Harmony Corp,  a  corporation created by Mit Borrás. ©Harmony Corp is a center of studies for the recovery of sensory stimulation and wellness. Their ideology promotes transhumanism, technological transcendence, nature, peace and sustainability.

The institution ©Harmony Corp and Elastic Jungle offers sensorial experiences through audiovisual stimulation designed as a means of escape and deep contact with the natural environment in their spaces and online rooms to experience absolute perception everywhere and with your digital devices: Ipad, Iphone / IOS, Android System and VR Headset.

Elastic Jungle is based on the principles of cognitive ergonomics and GOMS – a specialised human information processor model for human-computer interaction observation: Goals, operators, methods for achieving goals, and a set of selections rules. ©Harmony Corp, the artist Mit Borrás and his work Elastic Jungle is about future and immortality through technology.

A Harmony Corp ® expanded meditation video. 5.17 Minutes. Sound ©Purple Planet. 2019

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March 17, 2020